Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can apply for a committee position if you are:

  1. A Malaysian
  2. An undergraduate (we welcome applications from Pre-U students to postgraduate students, so do apply if you think that you are a great fit for AMEU)
  3. Non-economics students are welcome as well

During your time within AMEU, you may hear references to “being a member of AMEU”, and “being a committee member of AMEU” (note the difference!).

Members of AMEU are those that sign up for our monthly newsletters, and they may also have priority access to AMEU events. In other words, anyone can sign up to be a member of AMEU, it’s like signing up for the mailing list of The Economist or subscribing to a Youtube Channel.

Being a committee member of AMEU (i.e. you guys!) means being a part of a AMEU internally (for example, if subscribing to the mailing list of The Economist is the equivalent analogy of being an AMEU member, then working for The Economist will be the equivalent analogy of being an AMEU committee member!)

You can apply to either branches as you see fit. However, your location of study is a factor we take into consideration, and we strongly encourage you to apply to the branch which is nearer to you.

Please refer to our “Departmental Description” for the complete information. However, if you would like to ask our current committee, do follow us on our Instagram and look out for our 24-hour takeover by each Office.

One tenure lasts for around a year.

Yes, you can change Offices during your term if conditions allow. It is upon the director(s) of the Office(s) to decide, and you may be required to go through a relocation interview with the HCIA Department prior to your relocation.

Succession interviews will commence in December and executives are encouraged to apply for directorship or a higher position for the next tenure.

Yes. It is not compulsory for executives to be involved in the succession process.

Please do not hesitate to email us at ;


reach out to us via our social media pages:

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