Megatrends: Game Changer Of The Future

The need for innovation in businesses is increasingly crucial, particularly in getting ahead in technological advances, and overcoming market uncertainty. A 2018 megatrends report by Baker McKenzie showed that 95% of corporate executives expect the rise in India’s economic influence over the APAC region within five years’ time, while 48% expect the US’s influence in the region to decline. Rapid urbanisation, technological breakthroughs, the future of work, climate change and socio-demographic changes are amongst the few Megatrends that are expected to redefine the future as we are likely to expect shift in economic power from the West to the East.
These changes will undoubtedly affect the actions of each individual, firms and governments. How then can we effectively innovate to respond to the threats and opportunities catalysed by megatrends where there is no perfect solution?
In our upcoming AMEU event, MEGATRENDS: Game Changer of The Future, we aim to tackle these issues by giving you an idea on what are megatrends, and what can you do to prepare yourself for these challenges?
Join our esteemed speakers this 30th of March, in London for AMEU’s MEGATRENDS: Game Changer of the Future.

The event is finished.