In Conversation With Dr. Muhammed Abdul Khalid

“The Malaysian Economy : Towards A High Income Heaven or A Malaysian Mirage?”
An audience with Dr. Muhammed Abdul Khalid, lead author of the recent eye-opening UNICEF report on urban child poverty in KL. He is also the Chief Economist and Managing Director at DM Analytics, as well as the author of the celebrated books, “The Colour of Inequality” and “Antara Dua Darjat”, the latter also a best-seller.
Dr. Muhammed will discuss on the state of the Malaysian economy and the direction it is heading towards in light of the competing narratives in Malaysia’s public discourse. The nation’s leaders are proud that the economy has registered strong growth figures in recent periods, yet at the same time there are also voices lamenting about the actual state of welfare in society. There have also been concerned voices directed towards government’s policies to address future economic challenges.
What then is the actual state of our economy? Come and join us to hear Dr. Muhammed’s views on the matter. The discussion will no doubt be enriched by the findings of his recent study with UNICEF on urban child poverty and its impact on the country. This talk would be of interest to Malaysian students from all backgrounds especially business, economics, politics, legal, social studies and those who have a stake in Malaysia’s future in general.

The event is finished.