Ampli-Fyi Malaysian-UK Students Outreach Fair 2017

We, the committee members of YME-UK, KPUM, AMEU, MACFIS and MMI-UK, are excited to announce our first collaboration this summer!
With the theme of ‘Information, Awareness, and Connectivity’, we aim to provide insight of what life is like as a student studying in the UK. We will also be organising a series of talks and interaction sessions led by people currently studying in different major courses namely Engineering, Accounting and Finance, Law, Economics and Medicine.
AMPLI-FYI: ‘Ampli’ reflecting the ample choices students have as well as augmenting opportunities and exposure to them. ‘FYI’, on the other hand, is the acronym for ‘For Your Information’, which essentially means to inform students on the various career choices available.
Confused about which course you’re going to pursue? Worried about having no interest and not knowing which career suits you? Interested in studying overseas and specifically in the United Kingdom? A level or IB is a better choice for you? Worry no more! Join us on a day with the current students studying in the UK. We will be sharing an insight and introductory view on major courses and of course, our experience studying in the UK too!
This event is organised by YME-UK, KPUM, AMEU, MACFIS and MMI-UK, which are student organisations that aim to represent and develop Malaysian Engineering, Law, Economics, Accounting and Finance, and Medicine students in the United Kingdom (UK) respectively.

The event is finished.