AMEU Departments

The functions and activities of AMEU are structured into 7 key departments and they are led by the Presidential Department. Each department focuses on a core role that is fundamental to AMEU. From people management to event planning, it is certainly a space for everyone to learn and grow! View our in-depth departmental description and day-to-day responsibilities below.

Presidential Office

  • Oversee and keep council members in the loop of the association’s progress
  • Work closely with the Events Office to plan the annual event timeline
  • Meet expectations from AMEU’s sponsors, members and council members
  • Guide the council members in achieving their personal goals 
  • Work closely with EXCO to shape AMEU’s direction
  • Act as the main PR team of the NEXCO
  • Be responsible in managing the Alumni Liaison Department

Media & Marketing Department

  • Develop and strengthen the brand identity of the association
  • Be responsible for all branding and publicity visual components including photos, videos, gifs, IG filters (E.g. social media content, brand logos, visual components of annual reports/prospectus/sponsorship proposal, certificate designs)
  • Improve the visual appeal and reach of our organisation through good design
  • Innovate new methods of displaying our content to optimise reach
  • Develop and review marketing strategies for the association (E.g. creating marketing timeline, captioning posts, using tools such as hashtags etc.) 
  • Optimise reach when publicising events/programmes on our social media platforms
  • Analyse online marketing insights and utilise the data to improve strategies
  • Build and maintain social media rapport between other student organisations and relevant entities

Events Department

  • Actively involve in initiating, realising and executing AMEU’s Events
  • Work closely with the Corporate Relations Office to discuss and invite sought-after speakers and sponsors for an event
  • Spearhead and assign jobs to a team of departmental representatives that are aiding in event execution
  • Draft event proposals 
  • Pitch the idea to external parties
  • Respond to unexpected changes during the execution of events
  • Control the logistics of an event

Corporate Relations Department

  • Actively seek partnerships, sponsorships, and affiliates with external parties
  • Work closely with the Presidential Office and Finance Office in maintaining close connections with existing partners, sponsors and affiliates
  • Initiate engagement with external parties (corporate partners and strategic partners)
IAC Liaison
  • Participate actively in the appointment(s) with external stakeholders (e.g. International Advisory Council members)
  • Maintain close relationships with all IAC members
  • Identify opportunities where the association can actively engage with IAC members
Student Organisations Liaison
  • Initiate engagement sessions with other student organisations
  • Identify opportunities and mutually beneficial arrangments between AMEU and its Affiliates

Human Capital and Internal Affairs Department

Recruitment & Training
  • Administer AMEU’s recruitment cycles
  • Monitor performance of Council members with concrete KPI and administer an appraisal system for the council members to improve work motivation
  • Responsible for preparing and presenting performance evaluation reports (e.g. KPI reports)
  • Work closely with all council members to review and restructure/re-define roles and responsibility of all council members at the start of each term
Internal Affairs & Communication
  • Ensure strong bonding between the council members (conduct informal meet-ups/socials/trips)
  • Resolve any disputes between the members
  • Work closely with Presidential Office to guide the council members to achieve their goals
  • Take care of the members’ well-beings
  • Liaise with the Secretarial Office to maintain virtual workspaces platform (G-suite, WhatsApp)

Research Department

  • Maintain AMEU’s capacity as a platform that disseminates Economic knowledge
  • Publish AMEU research papers, articles, and any educational/informative content
  • Carry out quantitative and qualitative analysis for AMEU research papers and articles
  • Prepare the content for AMEU’s knowledge-centric events
  • Ensure the quality, maturity, and intellectual integrity of all knowledge-centric content produced and disseminated by AMEU
  • Collaborate with research organisations on thier projects

Secretarial Department

  • Draw up minutes and issue agendas for all AMEU’s meetings
  • Lead the publication of AMEU Prospectus & Annual Report
  • Archive all council documents using Google Drive 
Constitution & Legal Affairs
  • Review AMEU’s constitution and make recommendations to the Court and Executive Council
  • Collaborate with the Corporate Relation Office in drafting the relevant legal documents
Membership & Newsletters
  • Collaborate with the Human Capital and Internal Affairs Office on AMEU’s recruitment
  • Publish and send out monthly newsletters
  • Manage AMEU’s website

Finance Department

  • Control AMEU’s bank account(s)
  • Process reimbursements and financial transactions
  • Work closely with the Corporate Relations Office to obtain sponsorship
  • Work closely with the Corporate Relations Office to maintain connections with AMEU’s sponsors and other partners
  • Produce annual budgets for the association
  • Prepare and present budgets for new and ongoing projects
  • Ensure funds are well hedged and allocated appropriately between chapters
  • Advise the financial implications on AMEU’s strategies and operational plans
  • Construct financial reports on a regular basis (quarterly and yearly)
  • Uphold transparency within the council by keeping its financial records up to date
  • Ensure AMEU assets are well managed
  • Ensure proper records and documentation are provided by purchasers of those assets
  • Ensure AMEU’s financial liquidity