About Us

The Association of Malaysian Economics Undergraduates (AMEU) is a student-run, not-for-profit organization aimed at raising social and economic awareness among youth while providing a healthy platform for constructive discourse on economics-related issues. 

AMEU has a presence in both the UK and Malaysia, and is run by a team of dedicated students.

Our Vision

Building a better Malaysia and developing student leaders through education and economic knowledge, social impact and commercial awareness.

Our Motto

Calibrating Equilibrium

Our Mission

To be a leading student organisation that is committed to building commercial, economics and social awareness, driving public policy and public-private sector discourse, leading nation- building activities among the youth and developing our members’ leadership and strategic capabilities.

Words from our co-founder

In 2016,

AMEU was co-founded by a group of like-minded students and one of them is Zen Soo. Back then, he was leading the organization with a group of lesser than 20 individuals and now the number has grown to almost 100 individuals which are currently working together in AMEU as a team and family.

Zen Soo, Founding President of AMEU

"Founding AMEU is one of the best thing that happened in my Uni life. Getting involved in such a young organisation with full of potential gave me the opportunity to have hands on experience dealing with government officials and international corporations.
My term with AMEU was of course, challenged by multiple obstacles, but overcoming it with my talented and passionate team made it so much easier. A strong foundation has been built for the past few years while endless opportunities and growth are expected to come for AMEU."