Association Of Malaysian Economics Undergraduates

Calibrating Equilibrium

Our Story

Founded in September 2016, the Association of Malaysian Economics Undergraduates (AMEU) is a professional non-profit student-run organisation which represents Malaysian students with a keen interest in economics, where our motivation is to be able to act as a platform for Malaysian students to cultivate and further their interest in economics-related subjects and affairs.

From being an intermediary that bridges our purpose-driven members to promising Malaysians and internationally-attributed companies via various events and career programs, we serve as a facilitating platform and a convenor for like-minded undergraduates and professionals to share ideas, policy knowledge to form a tight-knitted Malaysian community.

Our Core Tenets

Economic Knowledge

Variety of events and workshops to help students gain knowledge in economic and other related sectors, especially in the context of Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Social Impact

Our organisation serves as a platform to connect and engage Malaysian students who are passionate in Economics and other related disciplines in pursuit of developing youth leadership and strategic capabilities.

Commercial Awareness

Available networking opportunities with prominent economics and corporate figures help students to improve their understanding of the business world and be more employable.

Undergraduate Economics Research

Introducing Econsilience, Malaysia’s first multidisciplinary undergraduate journal, an independent endeavor of AMEU. The initiative is a curation of original, independently-submitted academic articles from Malaysian undergraduates and across the globe. 

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